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HATs for developers - visit for details.

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HALL@WMG, University of Warwick HATs

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HAT Living Labs project HATs

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Why is the HAT unique

You will legally own the HAT database and the database rights, and only you give the rights to the data within it - no one else. You are the data controller and the data subject. You can legally request for data to be pulled into your HAT, as part of a subject access request to companies that hold your data. Since ownership is given to you, it can be treated as part of your estate.

If you are a minor, your HAT would be managed by your legal guardian or trustee. Also, a HAT provider is your agent; they do not have any rights to access or view the contents of your database.

The HAT Community Foundation regulates the HAT data exchange system operated by HATDeX, the concierge for the data, delivering data between HATs and HAT-enabled organizations, upon instructions.

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Included in the HAT ecosystem

Private data account

Store and manage your personal data, use ‘data plugs’ to pull in your personal data from around the internet. Start to view your data in interesting and informative ways using our ‘mashup’ tool, and share your data with others and receive rewards.

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Get access to a new generation of applications using the HAT private data account as a user account. Create your public profile and browse your data on your HAT dashboard accessible from your personal HAT address.


Be part of the social movement to bring control and economic power back to individuals through our HATs and our abilities to exchange data and build direct relationships with corporations


Each HAT account comes with your own microserver based on the Amazon Web Services infrastructure. This means your HAT account is built on the highest level of security and encryption. It matches state of the art security guidelines and modern data protection frameworks.

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