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Hi *|FNAME|*,

Alright, so you have your data in your HAT; you pull in your Facebook posts, your Fitbit steps, you've got some personal information and preferences saved in there, along with your locations pulled from your iPhone. Now what. How do you make that data work for you? How do you make it meaningful and useful? These are the questions we've been occupying ourselves with for the last few months, working on remodelling the HAT's iOS app, and paving the way for HAT's shiny new consumer offering, coming 2018.

Enter the Smart HAT Engine – or SHE, for short. SHE is your own personal AI assistant, run entirely in the privacy of your HAT. SHE runs the analytics, the machine learning algorithms, the intelligence and the insight that make you superhuman, and your data endlessly valuable. Fitbit data sitting in the HAT is one thing, but an algorithm that learns that you are far less likely to exercise on the weekends, while you have no problem in the week, cranks up the motivational nudges on Sunday afternoon, but goes easy on them at commute time on a Thursday. And, because it's all sealed up in your HAT, no one else ever has access to the results of that analysis, it's all completely yours, to do with what you will. 

We also reimagined the HAT iOS app, and created a way for you to experience your data in real time through a live feed, allowing you to watch as pieces of data – a run, a post, paying for your coffee – arrive safely into your HAT. This feed is where the Smart HAT Engine sits, generating insights, talking to you, and spinning value out of your data.

We're psyched about the new model, and we hope you are too. We're currently in the market for testers, to test all angles of the new app and its features. If you you're up for it, get in touch

Yours in HAT,

Jonathan Holtby
Community Manager
HAT Community Foundation

Featured story: The arrival of the Smart HAT Engine, possibly the most significant feature we're rolled out yet.

Irene Ng has been blogging on Medium, setting up the context, and explaining the significance of an AI assistant which is run in a completely private space. It's kind of like running a program on your PC, isolated on your own machine. Running machine learning algorithms in your HAT will be the same, like a program you can install and benefit from.

Read Irene's latest articles:

Me Myself and AI: Introducing the Smart HAT Engine.

Consent is a loss: How HATs' microservices start to solves the problem of online consent.

Personal Data as an asset class: Creating a more valuable digital citizen.

MadHATTERS Magazine turned one!

And got a jazzy new look, as well as a whole 12 page printed tabloid newspaper to mark the occasion. Turns out going analogue on a digital company is a whole lot of fun, and the one off birthday issue features interviews with HAT Innovation's Class of '17 startups, Irene Ng's Wired article, further details of the SHE feed and its inception, infographics, cartoons, and more.

HATs went stateside.

Irene Ng is just finishing up taking HAT on a tour of the East Coast. We held an event in Boston, as well as an event in New York on 'The 7 Trillion Dollar Secret Economy'. We're telling the world that organisation controlled personal data must fall to the glory of decentralised, person controlled personal data – that's the only way we can unlock it's true value. And we're taking the message all over the world. 

World Around Me joined HAT Innovation

Local discovery app World Around Me (or WAM) joined the HAT family. WAM uses augmented reality to help people find places of interest – places to eat, drink, shop, pray, meet – using their phone camera. They were the winner of the Google Play award this year and last year, and we're thrilled to have World Around Me working with us. Check them out!

HAT featured in Wired

In their predictions for 2018's major digital trends. Irene Ng wrote an article positing that 'We will claim back our personal data', and the magazine features predictions from HAT Community Foundation Advisory Board member, Prof. Jon Crowcroft, and Dr. Natalia Kucirkova, on the potential of anonymised data and personalised reading respectively. It's a print magazine – you can go buy it!

HAT iOS App got a reboot

It now revolves around the SHE feed, showing you all your digital actions in real time, as they appear in your HAT. Connect data plugs, add to your feed, and build up a contextualised digital persona in the safety and security of your HAT. It's got a slick new design too, and we're excited to roll out more new features in the New Year. Download it from the Apple App Store!

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