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2 April Subscribe
Full Circle

Dear *|FNAME|*,
Since the early days when it was a mere germ of an idea, the HAT has always been rooted in research and innovation. We’ve come full circle.
In end January, the innovation space that is HATLAB relaunched itself towards data rights-focused researchers and entrepreneurs. Its goal is tapping into the HAT's strong research pedigree in personal data rights to address some of the issues of our time. 
HATLAB, says its Deputy Director James Kingston, wants to do three things: help people collaborate at scale to solve trust and collective action problems, protect freedoms by focusing on digital and economic identity narratives, and facilitate ethical IoTs. And it will do so through discovery and thought leadership, and innovation and research. 
The coming months will see lots of HATLAB activity: Seminars and conferences to discuss personal data rights. Publications that build policy influence and awareness. Facilitating micro-experiments and researcher engagement to create new apps and build case studies. A Data Rights Challenge every two months to support researchers and entrepreneurs with grants to develop their ideas (read about the first Challenge below). Building links to create partner HATLABs around the world (watch this space). 
Ultimately, says James, this is all about producing research and technology that'll empower individuals to promote societal and commercial good in today's personal data economy. But always adhering to the core set of values that has steered the HAT since its inception as a research project: permission-driven, property rights-centric, privacy preserving, with an individual ethos of giving transactional freedom.
Busy times ahead. 

Pitching for Change


30 January. A No-Fly HAT. A Spotify for sustainability. These were the winning proposals for the HATLAB's first Trust Technology Challenge. At the Jan 30 HAT Meetup in Cambridge, Samuel Johnson proposed a tool to fight climate change by allowing users to signal their 'no-fly' virtue, while John Isherwood of Obliquity Group pitched to use HATs for its cloud-based platform that helps companies engage with employees on sustainability. Both won £1,000 each in grants, and will now work with HATLAB to further develop their innovations for change through collection action. 
There'll be further Data Rights Challenges in March and May. If you're a researcher or budding entrepreneur, come pitch your ideas for HAT-related research. Follow the HAT Eventbrite page to be notified of future events.


The Ethical Tech Alliance (ETA)'s first MVP is in the works—it's committed to building MyInfo, its first new app with eMason.


The ETA continues to grow as we welcome new members: Nettle, Families With Kids, IConsult, ISDOP, Socialode, Hooli, Elmo EV Subscriptions, Redeem Recycling Program, Diversity Dashboard, Moon Teddy, Change Donations.


Join the HAT Tech team to build ethical apps at HAT Coding Workshops in London. Book now for the Feb 26 event for an insight into the HAT, the lesser known features of its API, the HAT Javascript SDK, and how to build mobile applications quickly. 


Yowza, Dataswift's made it onto the longlist for Cofinitive's #21toWatch Companies! Now waiting with bated breath for the shortlist...


Welcome to Shawn Yeager, Dataswift's new VP of Enterprise Sales. Shawn is leading Dataswift's expanded investment in enterprise solutions, working closely with the Dataswift, HCF, and HAT-LAB teams to design and build the solutions that best serve clients and firmly establish Dataswift as the leader in Personal Data Management. He couldn't be more excited—us too! 


Also a warm welcome to Honeye Ebrahimi, who joined Dataswift in mid-Jan. As CEO Associate, Honeye provides CEO Irene with crucial support as her eyes and ears—her very own MI6.


Villa with a view. Taverna dinners. Karaoke sessions. Not your average Dataswift sprint as the team spends a week in Paphos. Expect them to return with a solid plan for 2020 (and beyond), along with their winter suntans.*envy*


Dataswift's Advisory Committee met for the first time on Jan 8—these smiling faces can only mean good things, yes? 


Dataswift was back in school on Jan 17, as an MBA case study with Cleveland's Case Western Reserve University. Report card: A+ 


Dataswift's Head of Product Harps recently began her journey of discovering digital identity—read all about it in her Medium blogpost


Wearing her academic err..hat, Dataswift CEO Irene co-authored a new research paper on the Internet of Everything. Out now in the Journal of Business Research.

The Hub of All Things (HAT) Microserver is a way to own your own personal data. It’s a personal data server that helps you store for yourself the information you give your calendars, social, media, and phone. Here, this video explains it better than we do.

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