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19 February Subscribe
Tech news, HAT-slanted 
Issue 131

The last Apple

In 1998, Steve Jobs, Jony Ive, and Tim Cook began building a legacy of the future that would come to define our generation of hardware. By the time we’re looking back on it, we’ll likely find it was multiple generations. Now, that generational inspiration is (maybe) coming to an end, as Jony Ive becomes two out of three (RIP Steve) to leave the company.

Apple is great. They pay the highest premium for talent, they’re a beautiful company, and they create world-defining products, but the iconic designers’ departure has changed things. Where once Steve Jobs made decisions, Jony designs, and Tim Cook opportunities, now only Tim remains of the magic that made the last generation of the company’s products amazing. 

That’s a long way from critical failure. No one person at that organisation was the key to the operation, and there are innovative product theories from cars to headphones postulating there right now today. And it may well be that Ive’s new venture LoveFrom, which will have them as client, will still be central to product there. But now there is a vaccuum of some magnitude. Someone will fill it, or the company will become slightly more normal (poor things).

Tim Cook didn’t much appreciate that sentiment, at least as voiced by the FT, as it turns out, and responded saying as much in an email to the reporter what voiced it. A very late-Jobsian move, roiling against an indictful press. Maybe there is some of that company left after all.

Yours in HAT,

Leila Trilby, Editor-in-chief

The present

The Alphabet Loon P-496 stayed aloft for 223 days in the earth’s stratosphere, heralding better Internet for the underserved (coming soon).

How hard can it be to run a data-driven business? (very hard)

Kinda brilliant, kind of a$$hole-ish.

The future

Wolfram on AI.

Startups fail. A ton. Tell your friends.

The doghouse

Cloudflare suffered an attack (?) that caused tons of major sites to go down this week. One service suffers, multiple webpages go down - this is the modern Internet (get used to it).

If you’re famous you can break the rules but we’ll tell the world. (Alt headline: It’s not illegal if you’re the President)

Phishing is the new Malware.

Hotel wifi is a gateway into your machine.

Bad health care advice is fake news, but not fake enough to be banned or blocked. (So you can keep drinking your bleach and eating Tide Pods, weirdos? What kind of a message does THAT send?)

Omg consultants wtf.

HAT News

A-ha! No one expects the impromptu mini sprint. Hugs to Terry, Jason, and Theresa for flying in to see everybody this week!

Plannings. Budget for 2019-20 is set and we're going to spend almost none of the money. You heard it here first.

Leathermakers. We make wallets now! More on this soon.

Jonathan Holtby, HAT Community Manager

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