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Issue 157
To Be Responsible. Or Not. 

Google, Twitter, Facebook and Amazon are lobbying the EU to maintain the status quo: for illegal content: self-regulation and limited liability. Holding them fully responsible for illegal content will only deter them from seeking out content detrimental to their users, they say. 
If self-regulation continues to be anything like Facebook's latest move to ban deepfakes but allowing other forms of misinformation (ie. still not fact-checking political ads), I say we crack the whip. It's easier said than done, as regulators are discovering, but that's another story. 
This is about scalable coordination. Big tech platforms have demonstrated their ability to coordinate at a massive scale. They benefit financially from this core capability, but they also suffer from the trust and credibility fallout when their platforms are used for mass coordination of misinformation and fake news. 
What these tech firms are saying now is they want the money, not the responsibility. But they can't have it both ways. They can have full scalable coordination and police the outcomes, or they can pull a Jack Dorsey and shut down the difficult-to-manage elements—like political ads—to narrow their markets. A straightforward business decision. 
The ability to coordinate at a massive scale brings power, and with great spiderpower comes great spiderresponsibility.

Imagine we could convert that scalable coordination for good instead. Coordinating globally for climate change, for human rights, for better airplane food.

Soft launch coming, end of January

Yours in HAT,

Leila Trilby, Editor-in-chief

The Past

Life in Kashmir is what five months without the internet looks like, as internet blackouts cost the world billions in 2019. 

The Present

What's your privacy comfort level? Watch this video and find out. 
News outlets will have collective clout over tech platforms, if this new bill goes all the way. 
The US wants light-touch regulation for AI. Good or bad? Here are some considerations for regulating AI properly. 

The Future 

What's coming up techwise, according to CES2020. The hottest product: privacy.
Speaking of tech toys, your Tesla could be going all Knight Rider soon.

The Doghouse

Nothing like discovering yet another unsecured database of sensitive info to remind us we're in 2020. Hang on... 
Masimo sues Apple for stealing its health tech. Sonos takes Google to court for copying its smart speaker tech. Welcome to the Cedeling club
Amazon calls this browser extension a security risk. Legit concerns, or pot calling the kettle black?


Quantum tech hits consumer markets. But quantum underwear is taking it to a whole new level. 

HAT News 

It's an MVP! The Ethical Tech Alliance (ETA) commits to building MyInfo, its first new app with eMason. 

Back to school. Dataswift becomes a case study for an MBA lecture with Case Western University this Friday (17/1), 8pm GMT. Ping us if you're interested to join in remotely. 
Big thank you. To Dataswift's advisory board for a great first meeting last week. 

First 2020 newbie. Dataswift's new CEO Associate starts this week. Welcome, Honeye!

Still hiring. Dataswift has new roles in business development, product and engineering.

HATLAB manifesto. Find out what HATLAB is up to as it soft-launches its “manifesto” at Jan 30's HAT Ecosystem Meetup.

It's all about code. Build ethical apps with the HAT tech team at Feb 26's HAT Coding Workshop.

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