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19 February Subscribe
Tech news, HAT-slanted 
Issue 132

The CMA Digital Markets Strategy (and other headlines to make you snoozy)

Last week the UK's CMA Chairman Andrew Tyrie unveiled a digital markets strategy to set out how it will protect consumers in the rapidly developing digital markets of today's age, while fostering innovation and championing the cause of British and European business on the Internet.

This is the body what assesses tech mergers and regulates online reviews and comparison websites. It's not an easy job by any stretch. One of the first things they've identified they'll tackle is online platforms, on which they'll conduct a new market study (announced last week) examining Facebook and Google, and anyone else funded by digital advertising.

The sources of any market power are going to start becoming an important part of how digital competitors are viewed and measured. If the way these companies collect and use personal data is viewed to be non-competitive, or anti-consumer, they will be held accountable. And competition in digital advertising is going to start to be measured for whether it is producing good outcomes for consumers.

Tyrie wrote about the strategy that "Much about fast-changing [digital] markets is a closed book to most people. The work we do will open them up to greater scrutiny, and should give Parliament and the public a better grip on what global online platforms are doing." 

It will be nice to see where we can go. Let's change the Internet, o' ye, of the governing bodies.

Yours in HAT,

Leila Trilby, Editor-in-chief

The present

The past

Just a casual 41,000 earthworm coming back to life.

The future

There are people in America writing about plans to tax US corporations that draw value from user data, and pass those earnings back on to the consumer. Among the more amusing tall tales we've ever heard...

The doghouse

Maybe the worst of these we've ever seen? Zoom's much-loved video conferencing is subject to a security liability affecting more than 4 million of its customers, in which Mac Clients of the app can have their webcam hijacked. It has done little to address the breach so far, let's see if public awareness changes that at all. 

A study published in the Independent revealed that hundreds of Android apps steal your data, even if you deny them permission. Thanks much, Google.

A five step guide to money laundering in the UK (apparently it's really easy).

DeepNudes, which created a neural network to generate nude images of women from photos where they were clothed, was shut down. Say it with me: Don't be terrible people, people.

Ugh ALL OF CHINA is the worst (a bit of an overstatement I suppose). Forced-installation malware at the border is combing the phones of tourists and visitors as they cross into the country. Starting from your text messages, calendar, and phone logs, it pulls 70,000 different types of files out of your device before you enter the country. Mad.


Just too good!

HAT News

Home sweet. Anybody work in London? We're looking for new digs.

Investorz. Still lots of excellent investor conversations going on - news to come.

Money, health, and fun. Really interesting large corporate conversations going on at companies in all the areas the world cares about - spending, healthcare, gaming. I can't talk about any of them yet, so this is me stalling. kktxbai!

Jonathan Holtby, HAT Community Manager

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