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The digeconomy is coming (just ask the government)

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Tech news with a HAT perspective 
Issue 104
The Sundar-ing
Every time the tech gloriosa sit down in front of US Congress we get a picture of how far advanced are our overlords beyond their caretakers. Every. Single. Time.

Sundar Pichai gave a three and a half hour testimony to the House Judiciary Committee Tuesday about bias in the search giant's algorithms. Just listen to this headline (from Business Insider):
"Google CEO Sundar Pichai's testimony to Congress exposed the abject failings and futility of Washington's version of tech policy"

That's what a journalist had to say about the affair. Government in America, especially Republican government, is concerned about the power wielded by titanic tech as it casts aspersions over their *ahem* indisputable credentials as effective moral leadership (I mean, who isn't), and they're looking to Mr. Pichai to answer to them.
I would argue tech has to answer to someone, but I'm not sure it ought to be American Republicans. It ought to be to reality.

It ought to be to us.
Yours in HAT,

Leila Trilby, Editor-in-chief

The future

Brexit is a clusterf*ck.

Uber is going advertising. Do we really want all of the big companies in the world to be ad companies? I suppose that's a tough thing to stop - maybe at least we can convince them to advertise with Good-Loop

Good news from Facebook! Researchers in their AI lab have determined a method for assessing flood and fire damage from satellite images, a notoriously difficult thing to do "bottom-up." Nice one.

The doghouse

Italy has followed through on a USD $11.4m fine (come on, is that even a fine?) of Facebook for data misuse.

The present

Netflix brought the house down: USD $86.6m in worldwide consumer spending on MOBILE. Now THERE'S some hope for "no we don't make money from advertising" businesses.

Remember that story about China spying on us through our motherboards a few months back? Supermicro says a third-party audit has found zero spyware. But then they would say that...
It's not just the young'uns, now we're ALL getting our news from social media. Hurray!

HAT News

Go! All of the startups will be accelerated in 2019, as HAT entities sign new partnerships with regional and university programmes. If yours should be one of them, let us know for next year.

Yo. A warm welcome to the team from a friendly mental resiliency application in its final stages of negotiations to build on the HAT. Can’t wait to work with you. 

Waves. Fruitful interviews this week with teams building “AirBnB for Office Space” and “Freelancing for M&A.” HATs as business model of the future is a thing. 

Jonathan Holtby, HAT Community Manager

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