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Issue 105
Another "Face" in the news this week, not Facebook thankfully (have we not got enough already?) but Facial recognition algorithms, as the UK police force test their facial recognition algorithms in London this week.

There is reason for concern, since there really isn't any law in place to permit its use by the police. We know the technology works on cows - hugely useful for the farmer to know if the cow is in pain and about to deliver a calf - but on humans? Mm.. the New Yorker gives a good explanation of the tech as well as the concern - with cows and people. 

The police aren't the only ones at it of course. Amazon wants to recognise who's at your front door and call the police if necessary, in their latest collaboration with the Ring doorbell maker, a company they acquired earlier this year. What could possibly go wrong. 

What is really rather bewildering, is that the implementers of the tech seem to willingly ignore the threat to civil liberties, and believe they are a force for good. Little wonder that the tech trials are being compared to the Manhattan project. Remember that? 

Paradoxically, calls for facial recognition algorithms to be made more transparent would result in its greater accessibility by others, including defence contractors, leading to the tech being weaponised. What a mess.

As the last MadHATTERS issue for the year, we are sorry to be such a bearer of dismal news but there is some comfort - facial recognition could be fooled by weird hair-do - time for a makeover!
Yours in HAT,

Leila Trilby, Editor-in-chief

The future

Not another CRISPR baby please. The science community is trying to rein in gene editing

Meanwhile, our friends at University of Warwick believe we will have self lighting Christmas trees. My eyes can't go further back...

The doghouse

I mean, seriously, the actual doghouse! The noise cancelling variety..

The present

Tis the season for the gift guides.

The gift guide for the tech obsessed
The gift guide for tech women (that's me y'all!)
The gift guide for security and privacy tech

And our favourite: the guide that tells you how creepy the tech is ie "privacy not included"

HAT News

The tech team released a guide on how to build an iOS app and an android app on HAT - check out all the guides here. The developers portal have also been updated to make it easier to integrate HATs. And drool over the full HAT technology architecture diagram for the services HATDeX built around decentralised open sourced HATs. (or not)

This is all part of the preparation for the HATLAB Global Innovation Network Scheme, set to launch early next year. Sneak peak here. Plans afoot to travel around the world to seed new HAT hubs... ping us if you want us to be where you are.

Oh, And the Royal Society, TechUK and British Academy released a report on data ownership, rights and controls with Irene explaining the HAT data ownership model.

HATDeX has a new front page for their website as it streamline its message to Get a HAT, Vend a HAT or Issue a HAT.

We hope you will be merry and well for the season, a happy holidays to all MadHATTERS. See you in 2019!

Jonathan Holtby, HAT Community Manager

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