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9 October Subscribe
ūüéĄMerry¬†Christmas from MadHATTERS!ūüéĄ
Issue 57 

It's been a funny old year. 

So 2017 is almost over, and, well, lets say it's been a large year for tech. Not always a good year, but a pretty darn supersized one…

Facebook preached community, but accidentally let a little thing called fake news subvert modern democracy. Oops. Bitcoin became the most wished for toy on 2017's Christmas lists, and Black Mirror basically came true. The data breach wall of shame overfloweth, 280 characters happened, and the FCC intervened in the Internet, and will now suffer the Internet's wrath. There was also that tone deaf VR Zuck in hurricane torn Puerto Rico, and we said goodbye to Microsoft Paint. 

Most of all, in the last 365 days it dawned on tech that they might actually be responsible for IRL consequences, and that, better yet, they might be held accountable for these. Paradigm shift. 

But, it's Christmas...

And that means watching movies all day at school instead of doing any work, so here are some of the funnier things we've talked about in 2017...

An AI tried to write a chapter of Harry Potter, and it's possibly the greatest thing ever to grace the Internet.

The second coming of the Nokia 3310. Did 2017 reach peak nostalgia? Possibly, but unlikely.

This dude took photos of the moon and Jupiter... using a Game Boy camera from 1998!

Everything that happens when you ask Tinder for your data back. 

A cute little in-browser game that teaches you about Game Theory, called The Evolution of Trust.

Blade Runner. Yes, the film. But also this replication of every scene in Microsoft Paint. 

This list of all the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy inventions that would vastly improve the world we live in. I want a point of view gun so bad. 

And my favourite thing on the Internet this year: 17776. It's a short story, but not as you know it. 

Leila Trilby, Editor-in-chief
Merry Christmas from the HAT Team! 
See you all in 2018!

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