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Eating the Crappy Stuff

19 February Subscribe
Tech news, HAT-slanted 
Issue 162
Eating the Crappy Stuff

Europe's fighting back. It's sinking up to €6 billion to create a single data market that would pool large sets of industrial data to be shared between European businesses and sectors. So they can take on the US and China's domination of the world's tech.
But not with just any old data. The EU wants high-quality data for AI that meets European values ie. non-discrimination, transparency, right to privacy. And it's dead serious about achieving this level of ethical data. Any tech not meeting these standards, like facial recognition, may be retrained with European data sets.

As EU tech chief Margrethe Vestager puts it: "If you eat crappy stuff, you’re not likely to be a fit for purpose algorithm either." Ouch…
Europe's already known for its tough stance on data protection regulation (read: GDPR). Let's see if it can morph from 'regulatory superpower' into 'innovation powerhouse' to beat the Americans and the Chinese at their own game. The EU's data strategy (released on Wed) is ambitious: its share of the data economy, along with data stored and processed in the EU, must 'at least correspond to its economic weight' by 2030. 
Sounds very much like reclaiming data sovereignty (as I discussed last week). Then again, the EU's pursuit of its purpose—to build a trustworthy ecosystem—may well reverberate beyond Europe's borders. Just like how the GDPR has now become the global standard for data protection. 
A world where ethical tech is the norm may come sooner than we think. As Dataswift CFO Jason Shong blogged this week, a world dominated by the next economic tsunami that is ethical personal data management
Are you ready for it? 

Yours in HAT,

Leila Trilby, Editor-in-chief

The Present

UK's Ofcom becomes an internet super-police. Big fines, prosecution, but also more censorship
The US needs a data protection agency, says this senator. Apparently Shoshana Zuboff agrees. 
Apps that protect your app privacy settings. But you need to trust them first. 

The Future 

AR could really be the next big thing. Just don't mention Google Glass. 
The answer to heating homes the green way could lie in the gutter. And the loft. And the balcony.

The Doghouse

Twitter and Facebook fined for saying nyet to storing Russian personal data in the country. What's produced in Russia, stays in Russia. 
Yet another day in court for Huawei as the US DOJ slaps on more charges, this time for racketeering, conspiracy and wire fraud

Sometimes it doesn't pay to fight back, as Google discovers when challenging an EU court fine for anticompetitive behaviour.


If you're looking to eat healthy, maybe take a leaf out of Google's book
Bespoke book selection by humans, not algorithms.

HAT News 
 Made it! Dataswift's on the shortlist for Cofinitive's #21toWatch companies for 2020. 

Lunch and Learn. HATLAB's holding its next event on Data Ownership vs Data Trusts. Feb 27 in London. Book here.

Workshop. Places still available to learn how to code on the HAT at next week's HAT Coding Workshop in London. Book now

Still hiring. Like numbers and keeping people in check? Accounting and admin position available with Dataswift's FAHGRO team.

New blogpost. Don't miss out on the next economic tsunami, says Dataswift's Jason Shong in this new HAT blogpost

Hello. And welcome to Afripay and Aleria, who've just joined the Ethical Tech Alliance this week.

Watch out, Big Apple. Irene's joining the Female Founders' Trade Mission to talk HAT in New York in March.

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