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22 January Subscribe
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Issue 59
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2018's Doomsday vibes  

So Meltdown and Spectre happened. Happy New Year folks. I mean Wikipedia even says 'As of 2018, almost every computer system is affected by Spectre', which is just dandy. It affects chip processors – companies like Intel and AMD – and is currently of biggest concern to cloud service providers. The vulnerabilities could allow data to leak from hosted account to hosted account. Kind of undermines the fundamental security of the cloud.

If you want some chronology The Verge's reporting has been on point. If ever there was a need for their Storystreams feature it was this

2018 also launched us all into Second Payment Services Directives hype. That means that, as a new year's gift to the public, the UK's biggest retail banks will be issuing APIs allowing third parties to access individuals' bank account data, and to authorise payments on your behalf. That means that buying shoes on Instagram with one tap could be altogether possible pretty damn soon, but it also means payments data that used to be a source of revenue for traditional banks will start flowing in other directions (namely Google, Facebook, Amazon, Apple). But it need not be all fire and brimstone for the banks… I mean they'll probably pull through, right? 

Impress your friends

The curious case of the Reddit crypto theft inside job. It seems a bunch of Bitcoin Cash has ben stolen from members of Reddit's /r/BTC. Fishy activity began in December, as Redditers started noticing suspect password-change emails. That's when affected users started noticing missing BTC. A shadowy Hacker Noon article then emerged, suggesting that there was a chance the mysterious goings relied on the help of Reddit employees 😱. Wildly entertaining.

"Screaming my privacy to the world". Some of us share lots on social. Some of us share very little. Some edit very purposeful personas on different social media sites. But maybe we don't think all that much about our options  – what can we control, what can't we? One man, a very active social user, shares pretty much everything but his face, and has successfully managed to keep his image off the web. Here's his thoughts on privacy

The Doghouse

Insurance firms who illegally buy banking records? Not a good thing for privacy. But fines totalling £150,000 have been issued to Woodgate and Clark Ltd (an insurance firm), the private investigators hired, a founder of the firm and another senior employee. This was all under the Data Protection Act – when you're used to the GDPR numbers, it doesn’t seem like all that much…

Leila Trilby, Editor-in-chief
HAT News

2018 is getting into full swing, and we've got too many meetings to keep track of to get everybody in sync, as well as to kick off some new projects 😏 Claim Your Data, the consumer action group campaigning for data portability and the interests of the consumer as a digital citizen is also meeting this week to plan for all the world-domination coming up this year. 

As usual, we'd love love love you to help us test our products. We're testing HAT App's latest feature – public profile – as we speak, and you can join in the fun right now if you want to take a look. We also have a testing community going, if you want to stay in the loop for product updates and testing opportunities. 

We are also preparing for the first international HAT sprint!! Next MadHATTERs will be coming to you from (sunny?) Portugal. We'll send pics 😎☀️

Yours in HAT,

Jonathan Holtby, Community Manager

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