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Data Free Flow

12 February Subscribe
Tech news, HAT-slanted 
Issue 161
Data Free Flow 

So the UK left the EU over a week ago. It's been pretty much business as usual especially for data protection, with the GDPR expected to remain part of UK law after the transition period ends in Dec 2020. But post-Brexit data flows? That's another story. 
The UK's access to European data is not a given. It may need a majority of EU member states to agree that the UK has sufficient data protection. But this 'adequacy decision' could be in jeopardy, due to how the UK has handled some cross-border data. There's also the issue of whether the UK's Snoopers' Charter—aka Investigatory Powers Act—would be deemed incompatible with GDPR. Basically it's national security vs privacy and data protection rights
It boils down to data sovereignty, as nations and citizens grapple with balancing the desire for free flow of data with safeguarding the human right to privacy. Along with the need to protect national and political sovereignty. Take for instance, the Gaia-X project: it wants to reclaim Europe's data sovereignty and end its dependence on American and Chinese cloud servers. Or calls for US Congress to stop the US-UK Cloud Act Agreement, which gives UK access to US data to fight crime. 
The virtual world seems to be emulating its real counterpart in the way it's increasingly retreating within—and keeping others out of—territorial borders. So much for a borderless Internet. 

Yours in HAT,

Leila Trilby, Editor-in-chief

The Past

There are dodgy Airbnbs. And then there are Ocean's Eleven-level scamming Airbnbs, in London and elsewhere.

The Present

Council websites are meant to help those in need, not enable third party companies to track and surveil them.

Sharing your location data on your mobile phone could be dangerous if you're an undocumented immigrant in the US. 
Privacy-savvy teens are fighting social media tracking. These kids are all right, alright…

The Future 

If you're a financial broker, this AI-voiced fintech—which just did its first Bitcoin trade—is coming for your job.

The Doghouse

Not helping US-China relations: The US Justice Dept charging Chinese military hackers for stealing personal data of 145 million Americans. 

Anonymous, anonymised. Turns out you could be identified through the NHS data sold to drug companies after all. Potato, potahto. Can we just call the whole sale off? 
That free email app is selling data from your inbox. And look who's buying
You're not the only one with a slow old iPhone. And now Apple's been fined €25m for it


We may not be ready for eggless eggs, but the hens sure are.

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