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Issue 156
New Year, New Rules 

Hands up if you had déjà vu when the flurry of 'updating privacy policy' emails hit your inbox recently, as California's new privacy law came into effect Jan 1. The GDPR-inspired California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) is the first US law that gives consumers rights over their data, including the right to know what's being collected by businesses, and to opt out of its sale to third parties. 
It's been barely a week but already lots of debate over compliance. Not all companies agree on what selling or sharing their customer's personal data means. While some have added a 'Do Not Sell My Personal Info' button on their websites, others (we see you, Amazon and Facebook) refuse, saying they do not 'sell' customers' data. Sounds like hair-splitting to me.  
More interesting: the CCPA is for California residents but many organisations, from Walmart to Microsoft and Mozilla, are already rolling out these rights nationwide. Only a matter of time before other states introduce their own privacy laws, with many already in the works. It's inevitable, given the glacial speed at which a federal privacy bill's being considered
With lots of issues to iron out, the current 'real roller coaster' chaos will no doubt prevail. Still, the CCPA looks to be game-changing, not just for how consumers' personal data is handled Stateside, but also for many data usage business models. 

Settle in for the bumpy ride.

Yours in HAT,

Leila Trilby, Editor-in-chief

The Past

RIP to the tech that left us in 2019, and hopefully good riddance to these trends in 2020

Evidently Facebook knew what it was doing for its bottomline when it considered Breitbart as quality journalism. 

The Present

Higher education wants AI to help improve student enrolment and wellbeing. But what if Alexa tells on them?
Speaking of AI, it's trumping doctors in detecting cancer. Not replacing medical staff just yet though.
Even Australian bushfires are not immune to online misinformation. We SO need more initiatives like this one.

The Future 

Aliens are apparently out there. But will we ever find them

The Doghouse

Seems Cambridge Analytica was much naughtier than we thought, as newly-leaked documents show. 
Watch out for the S**tcoin that's coming for your Bitcoin. On a Google Chrome extension near you…


Going dry this January doesn't have to be THAT difficult.

Life in the age of surveillance, imagined by novelists and poets

HAT News 

Data manWhat's the HAT got to do with digital identity? Find out in Irene Ng's latest blogpost

Get togetherDataswift shareholders get their first face-to-face investors' briefing this Wed. Also on the same day: Dataswift's advisory committee meet for the first time. Auspicious 8th. 
Fresh start. Know someone looking for a change in 2020? Dataswift’s hiring again, in business development, product and engineering.
Woo hoo! HATLAB DROPS team's Exploring the Design Space for Parent-Child Reading paper will be presented at the prestigious 2020 CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems. In Hawai'i. 
Venice time. Submissions for this year's CADE Forum for digital economy researchers is now…OPEN!
Get booking. Come talk HAT this month at the HAT Ecosystem Meetup, Jan 30, Cambridge, where HATLAB will soft-launch their “manifesto” and introduce Deputy Director James Kingston.

Get booking, II.  If app building's more your thing, come meet the HAT tech team at the HAT Coding Workshop, Feb 26, London. 

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