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The digeconomy is coming (just ask the government)

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Tech news with a HAT perspective 
Issue 106
Decentralised AI is here
The new year’s first MadHATTERS op ed, must surely feature Irene Ng’s and Hamed Haddadi’s article in Wired Magazine’s 2019 predictions where HAT was featured as the “Edge AI” solution.

From the Wired 2019 edition, 28 December 2018

Most AI giants on the internet rely on the continuous collection of personal data from their users, primarily to build and maintain machine-learning models. These models are often core to the value proposition of these companies, providing recommendations, behavioural analytics and consumer insights not only to their own services, but to associated advertising networks.

This practice, however, comes at a cost to individuals. The repeated delivery of ads by third-party services creates excessive bandwidth and energy usage, something consumers are noticing as ongoing data collection and analysis by background apps slows their internet connection. And, as many recent cases have shown, there are now serious privacy concerns from excessive data collection and the resulting exposure from linkages of personal data across different services.

In 2019, we will see an alternative to these practices emerging in the form of AI at the edge – machine learning that will take place “near” the user, on their device or home hub, or at a local data-aggregation point. This will take different forms, including local learning (where the model is trained locally); distributed or federated learning approaches (where a globally trained model is optimised and retrained locally without transferring data back to the cloud); or co-operative learning approaches (where local data contributes to a global model on an ongoing basis).... Read the rest of the article here.

Yours in HAT,

Leila Trilby, Editor-in-chief

The future

We have flown beyond where no man has gone before... no machine either, as New Horizon sends back a light blob of Ultimate Thule. You cannot find more people excited over getting an increase in resolution...

Yet meanwhile on earth, the picture with highest resolution EVER, 24.9 billion pixels of quantum technology. Can you spot the couple taking a photo of whatever took this photo?

The doghouse

It has to be Facebook again of course. Why not.

Popular apps are sharing data with Facebook without consent. 🙄 Do I hear the Ka-Ching sounds of the EU Fines machine?

The present

Seriously, are ads the only business models they can think of? Uber Eats becomes an ad company...

And if you did spend your last few days of the year with Charlie Brooker and his choose-your-own-adventure Bandersnatch episode, Here’s an insight to how Netflix and Brooker’s mission to change how we watch TV.

HAT News

Happy New Year 2019! This is likely to be the most exciting year for HATDeX as HAT vendors and issuers  begin to give HATs to their customers in earnest. Don’t know the difference between a HAT vendor and a HAT issuer? Check the website. We will give you the news as they come!

For those who are watching the HAT regulatory space, the HAT Community Foundation (the regulator of HATDeX) issued  a HAT Glossary of Terms, a deck that explains the implementation and data conduct of HAT Microserver model for privacy, security, ownership rights and operation, on their regulatory pages of the website together with new legal agreements, ready for platform scaling (wef 1 Feb). Start the new year right by mugging up on the rules. Or not. :)

Finally, HATLAB launches the HATLAB GIN Scheme - A Global Innovation Network to maximise the impact of HATs!  Within the scheme is an entrepreneur scheme to assist a budding entrepreneur in building their ideas on the HAT and creating their startup. Also a risk sharing scheme for HAT vendors to issue up to 1million HATs for free. Applications start this month so check the HATLAB page for details.

Jonathan Holtby, HAT Community Manager

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