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12 December Subscribe
Tech news with a HAT perspective
Issue 53 
“It’s gold for nerds”
– Stephen Colbert
Whose Blockchain is it anyway?

No one's. Duh. Everyone knows crypto's gone mainstream, so whether you embrace all those bits, blocks, coins and ethers with open arms, or wear your cryptophobia on your proverbial sleeve, it's not getting out of your face any time soon. SO. We decided to round up some useful pieces to navigate the cryptoverse with… healthy dose of cynicism included.

Where to start

A crashcourse in Ethereum. Medium writer and blockchain engineer Preethi Kasireddy wrote an Ethereum primer in (sorta) plain English. Not actually an easy task. Lots of pictures, and lots of handholding, she gives an intro to the tech and the concepts without making you feel like a dunce for not following everything.

At the other end of the spectrum, here is the ultimate cheatsheet: 100 cryptocurrencies in 4 words or less…

How endless are the possibilities? Cutting through all the noise and screaming that Blockchain can turn lead into gold, our friends over at Surrey Centre for the Digital Economy produced critical research on uses for Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT – basically Blockchain), from non-profit, to creative industries, to supply chain, to humanitarian aid, and how to choose the right kind of solution.

Impress your Friends

We tracked down a Blockchain enthusiast to ask them who they're listening to atm. The answer was Andreas Antonopoulos, hailed as a Bitcoin prophet, apparently. Here he is as a podcast guest, delving into the currency's potential, smart contracts, resource utilisation, quantum computing and other buzzwords.

Schadenfreude. The sorry tale of the fool who forgot his wallet password... with $30,000 dollars worth of Bitcoin inside... 👏

Oh, and by the way, a little bird dropped this off – not even supposed to tell you about it! 

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Elsewhere in Techland 

How to combat the dismal air quality in London? Coffee. Not the have-a-cup-of-coffee-instead-of-working-on-it kind of solution, but actual coffee grounds. They're powering buses now, haven't you heard?

Interstellar object alert. Yep, we've got a newcomer to our cosmic neighbourhood (so much time for that phrase). Astronomers concluded the rocky object is from another solar system from its funky orbit. Pretty cool. 
The Doghouse

Just stop letting this happen. A Pentagon contractor left a large social media scrape – part of military intelligence research – in a publicly accessible AWS storage bucket. This is happening all. The. Time. Please please please get a grip, powerful institutions of powerful nations, we're talking especially to you.
Geek Out

Let there be... whatever you can think of! The fun little browser game called Constellation that lets you type random stuff and see what happens. 10 mins you're not getting back. 

Leila Trilby, Editor-in-chief
HAT News

A new HAT App you say?? The rumours are true. There is indeed a new HAT App. (And yes, it's called New HAT App). You can download it from the app store, or read a little more about it on Facebook, or see what Irene has to say about the new SHE feed (what on earth is that?). Fancy testing? Come join our prestigious gang of testers. We love our testers. 

Wired World 2018. HAT is in Wired's lineup of trend predictions for 2018! The magazine is on sale now (yes, a physical magazine in a physical store) but you can read the editor's letter online now. Big shout out to Natalia Kucirkova and Jon Crowcroft who were also featured in the magazine and also gave HAT a nod! Three articles in Wired 2018 predictions? You are with a cool crowd....

Into IoT? In or around Cambridge on Friday 24th? Professor Philip Howard (Oxford Internet Institute) will be giving a talk – Pax Technica: the implications of the Internet of Things, which will take an in-depth look at the political and societal implications of IoT. Places are still available, and more information can be found here

Cambridge is where it's at. Especially when it comes to innovation. Our next Innovation Hangout will be at the Pint Shop, so come along for founders' chat, hops, and innovation-y goodness.

Jonathan Holtby, Community Manager

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