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Issue 127

Dat churrrrrrrrn tho

Websites and Applications are facing historically low customer engagement, high churn. According to localytics, 71% of all app users within 90 days.

That’s an incredible number.

Imagine spending “from around $400 to $5,000” acquiring a customer, only to find barely 29% remaining on the 91st day. App churn is getting faster, as millennial digital natives who are comfortable spinning up and down technologies on their phone in seconds, and it is increasingly critical, as venture capital is poured into candidates for tnbt (the next big thing).

It’s no wonder personalisation is ze futur. Re-marketing, predictive analytics, push and geo-push marketing, and relevancy targeting - are these terms making you throw up in your mouth a little? The implication here is that it is quickly becoming the baseline standard that the apps you use understanding exactly who you are and what you are doing. Worse (maybe?) what you are going to be doing. And likely better than you do, with all their advantages of non-bias and statistics.

This is happening. This is not an eventuality that can / could have been avoided. Every company in the world need data. Of the personal kind. And of course the problem with gathering that much personal data is that companies either end up not having enough, and so skirting the fringes of what is permitted under European law to supplement it, on relying on data that ain’t “fresh” (ie dynamic and contextual), or spending loads to hoard data with uncertain results and after doing all that,
finding their customer engagement is not assured because the application looks either pushy or creepy.

We need a paradigm shift (because change isn’t fun if its by halves). 

Apps and websites that want to get off the carousel of build-hoard-hope-disappoint-build with user data and backend infrastructure, we feel you. We’re introducing Dataswift - a building mantra and tech stack for websites/applications that don’t need to gather any data. 

Because their customers do.

They just need to use it. 

Click here to learn more or visit, and sign up as a partner in the HATLAB sandbox to get started.

(Excerpted from Irene’s secret blog. Click here to read the whole thing).

Yours in HAT,

Leila Trilby, Editor-in-chief

The present

An archive of data resources publicly available, for use in any and/or everything. 

The future

The anti-mosquito fungus! Please let it be a thing.

Romantic and sexual relationships with robots. (Totally safe for work - for now )

Package delivery is the coming robot apocalypse. (Bots in bots!)

(It might also be raspberries)

The doghouse

Google’s blocking the consumer use of AdBlockers. This fight about browsers and privacy ain’t over. (Maybe this is retaliation against what we were writing re: Brave last week?)

An app, heavily used in developing economies to provide caller ID, is using phone and caller data to expose personal information about callers without their permission. Apparently its already been used to expose an undercover journalist working in Africa.

Soooo you can’t do statistical analysis on judges in France? Apparently they don’t like how "the pattern of their decisions – now relatively easy to model – were potentially open for all to see.”


How do you not love it?

HAT News

Announcing. Dataswift, a new brand and growth model designed to help apps/websites/companies build on the HAT technology stack will be announced (sometime - this year maybe?) as the HAT's commercial ambitions grow into maturity. Read more about Dataswift on Irene's blog, or ask us for additional commercial information and raise documentation if you're interested. This project will not be contained to just the UK. Expect Dataswifts to crop up around the world, wherever HATs are being sold.

Berlinnovation. We were invited to pitch WeAreDevelopers in Berlin on Thursday - wish us luck, only Theresa speaks German. 

LTW. London Tech Week(s) are this week and next - I'll be at StartupGrind, CogX, and Unbound (will you?)

Jonathan Holtby, HAT Community Manager

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