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The digeconomy is coming (just ask the government)

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Tech news with a HAT perspective 
Issue 108
Git' Governin'
Irene Ng published a call to action for Government this morning, a fitting response to the end of (Theresa May's) times, question mark.
In it, she says the Interweb is broken because we're all going to FAMGA for everything we need, and that the fate of things as important as Artificial Intelligence (et al) are too important to place in the hands of these seemingly-invulnerable and definitely unaccountable corporations.
Where is our government in identifying, seeking to understand, registering and ultimately regulating the threat posed by runaway tech? In a best case scenario decades behind industry. Why is there not a mandated set of regulations for data conduct on the Internet? Why are well-regulated data infrastructure companies, where data transaction are contractually transparent, not the encouraged standard in our economy? Where are the assurances from our leaders that our data and what it says about us are OURS, protected under law, as our money is in the financial systems underpinning the banks and stock market?

(Don't say lost underneath arguments about Brexit)
From the piece:

"New technologies do not become widely used on their own. They need wider institutional rules to govern their conduct, particularly for data. The government can seize the chance to support a quintessentially British technology to create a global impact by starting with the impact on our own society. Society needs a better model for exchanging data, one that’s not merely consenting to let others hold and exchange it on their behalf."

So you know, happy Tuesday. Let's start a new storm in Westminster.
Yours in HAT,

Leila Trilby, Editor-in-chief

The future

Fun! Twitter's changing live sports. Don't watch a basketball game, watch a basketball player. 

Actual, real quantum computers. For sale!

The doghouse

There is a HUGE DIATRIBE going on about how weather companies are selling off our location data to git profitable (vomits in mouth). In the midst of it, IBM is launching hyper-local weather :eyeroll emoji:

The present

It was CES this past week, and as promised here's a great summary. This is by "learn by shipping" and it paints CES 2019 as a showcase of shiny tech that really works. It also talks about how Google owns everything. 
So we have a new theory, both for HAT and about the Internet (slash world), that content is the new (slash old) customer acquisition battleground - that we are and will be swayed by persuasion in content much more than in advertising, all (still) for the highest bidder. Here's a company looking at it from NY that just raised a USD $22m Series B. Interesting.

You're findable through your phone. Yes you. Shock horror. 
Oh, and AT&T is upset about it (shock, horror?) 
It's the old people that'll kill us. 65+ year-olds are sharing the most fake news.

HAT News

It's Always Rainy in Cyprus. We're enduring an almost-hurricane and enjoying Greek food made by Greeks in Cyprus. It's the HAT January Sprint!

One-step sign-on. Estimable HAT Engineer extraordinaire shipped a brill feature this weekend - frictionless HAT vending is live! Available now, check it out and get in touch if this is the HAT feature you were waiting for!

Please Clap. We weren't kidding. Irene's post to the government is live on Medium - please help us spread the word with lots of Medium Claps.

Jonathan Holtby, HAT Community Manager

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