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Tech News This Week 

Think the free WiFi at Tube Stations is TfL being kind? Well you'd be wrong. Documents have come to light stating that Transport for London could be making £322m by making passenger location data, generated through their WiFi connections, available to Advertising Partners. Yay for Freedom of Information! Least they could do is make travel free to thank us 😒

Big Data company Cambridge Analytica is at the centre of an election profiling controversy that reads like a murder mystery. Guess what, under UK Data Protection laws, a US Professor has discovered that he may have the right to claim back data used to profile him in the 2016 US election, as it was processed in the UK by Cambridge Analytica. So.... data being able to move everywhere is starting to disrupt the disrupters

DeepMind's PR rehab… DeepMind, the AI company whose data sharing agreement with the NHS was deemed non consensual by the ICO earlier this year, has announced DeepMind Ethics & Society (DMES), a branch of the company dedicated to assessing the societal impacts of AI and similar technologies. No kidding – disruptive technology might need some oversight? Groundbreaking.

The latest with Schrems… L'enfant terrible of the data economy (Mr. Max Schrems) is still causing transatlantic headaches in a case that has now been referred from the Irish High Court to the EU's Highest Court. The whole case basically revolves around how Facebook treats EU citizens' data in the US, and how it deals with the clashes in legislation. Especially around surveillance. If data can't traverse borders, the digital economy has a big problem, so we need this long-running case to tease out the legal challenges. Plus, we like the drama.

Be Cautious...

Hackable hearts and other horrors… Remember the hacked mechanical bees in Black Mirror? Well, as IoT expands into healthcare, and into our bodies, we ingest the same security fears that come along with any connected devices. In the US, nearly 500,000 buggy pacemakers, made by MedTech firm Abbott, have been recalled due to security concerns. Tech is so fused with our lives that it's in our bodies, call for the same safety cyberspace as you do IRL.

The myth of 'anonymised' data… just because something doesn't have your name on, doesn’t mean it can't be traced to you. One researcher shows how simple it can be to link your anonymous location data to your identity, without ever needing your name. Think about it, not many people who live in your house also have the same place of work, and the deduction isn't too hard once certain pieces are in place...

Impress Your Friends... 

With your tight Nobel knowledge… Researchers won the chemistry Nobel for imaging biomolecules, and the prize in physics was won for the detection of gravitational waves at the LIGO observatory in the states. Read about the trail of discoveries since Einstein's prediction of gravitational waves in 1916, and about what biomolecules mean for innovation in biology in 2017

Geek Out On...

Blade Runner Blade Runner Blade Runner… We're excited about Blade Runner coming out on Friday. Can you tell? But word on the street is the newest trailer features spoilers… so, here's a review that avoids spoilers at all costs. And don't watch the trailer, whatever you do. 

And Finally...

Troll mentality… While America and the rest of the world were still reeling from the Vegas shooting, Twitter users were posting and spreading fake appeals for fabricated loved ones they said to be caught in the shooting. Why do they do it? And is Twitter beyond repair from all the troll-tarnish? 

Leila Trilby, Editor-in-Chief 

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HAT News...

Welcome, Good-Loop. Long-time friends Good-Loop have officially joined the HAT Innovation startup programme and announced the opening of their Seed round of financing – please welcome Amy and Daniel to the fold!

Delicious, delicious tea. Nice to see Padoq, Good-Loop, and Feral Horses at the September tea party last week. Looking forward to the next one.

Jonathan Holtby, Community Manager
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