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Tech news with a HAT perspective 
Issue 103
Purging not policing
So I get it, it's hard, but one of the things that happened this week was that Tumblr changed its policies towards saucy content and (in some excellent headline fodder) "betrayed the sex workers and NSFW artists who relied on the platform" as they did.
Tumblr (like lot's of platforms) has trouble sorting between "sure, no problem" and "hey, wait a minute" content - for them it's child pornography that needs a ban. Today's difficulties in policing content when the stakes are this high are proving too much for them and they're finding it easier to just burn all the way to the edges. If they take a hit for doing that they take a hit and so be it.

I think what will be very interesting to see is going to be what happens if the fire continues unabated, and other (larger) platforms fail to police their content as well. What if Facebook can't keep out the next Cambridge Analytica, or Google can't identify terrorist videos quickly enough for its advertisers?

Social media, because we spend so much time on it, is especially vulnerable but anything we devote chunks of our day too is prone to potentially coming down if we don't learn to seperate the wheat from the chaff. Either we get better at fighting off ne'er-do-wells, or we'll need to sort out new models entirely - ones that aren't quite so easy to abuse. Which way will things go in the end?

Yours in HAT,

Leila Trilby, Editor-in-chief

The Doghouse

OMG DATA BREACHES. Harrumph. Marriott's Starwood was breached and 500 million people have been affected. And Quora was also hacked, which you think you don't care about but you probably do because Quora is embedded in SO MANY websites that it probably means your data was leaked in that breach too. At this point it's more likely that Russian hackers have my personal information than it is that they don't.

The present

Amazon is being veeeeeery sneaky about its ads - more than it (or anyone?) ever has.

Your app can copy Facebook features and still be on Facebook now. (yay?) 
The State of European Tech is good. USD $23b was invested into EU startups this year, or 1/4 what was invested in the US. Not half bad. We're not diverse or anything (of course we're not) but at least we're growing. 
A Cambridge startup raised Seed money from a Canadian VC, a Valley VC, and a former GM of corporate strategy at GM to build "neural interfaces for organs and nerve systems." Apparently I don't actually know anything about the best way to raise venture capital, because if you told me this is what you were planning on to finance your early stage growth I'd have rejoined with a loud WTF.

The future

5G is coming but it's not here yet

Comic of the week
HAT News

Ritornia. I'm baaaack. And I have a baby! She's the best.

Offices in Londonia. Turing has been very good to us and offered access to space in their offices at Kings X to scope collaborations. The whole team's there today! Let's hang out.

Year end. We took a look at our work in lobbying and business growth for the year past and the year to come in November's HAT News Monthly - we're looking at a 2019 of global standardisation, in medicine, banking, and more. Thanks to all the partners that are working to get us this far.

Jonathan Holtby, HAT Community Manager

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